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Air Conditioning
Regular maintenance will assist the Air Conditioning to work efficiently, reduce running costs and lengthen the life span of the units. Cleaning filters or changing filters as well as cleaning the evaporator and condensers will keep the airflow clean and clear. AC and Heating services are based in Hertfordshire and can provide planned preventative maintenance across the UK

Why Is This Important?
Planned preventative maintenance carried out at the right time will help air-conditioning equipment to work as it should. What would be the point of having paid for air-conditioning if it is not working properly during hot weather when you need it most. Air conditioning cleaning is so important for office and retail environments, employees will be more productive in the workplace and retail customers and staff will have a much nicer experience in a temperature controlled environment. A basic task such as air conditioning filter change can make big difference to the functionality of the units. Ac cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis is the first step to achieving this.

  • Air Conditioning tasks
  • Filter Cleans / Change
  • Evaporator Cleaning
  • Condensate Pump Cleans
  • AC Condenser Cleaning